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If you couldn’t tell from the title of this week’s blog post (well, really last week’s because I couldn’t get it together to post over the weekend), we are going to dive into some skincare. This is only going to be pt. 1, as I am always hunting for different skincare products, and will be updating you along the way.

My whole life I’ve had basically normal skin, so I’ve been pretty lucky. As a teenager I had incredibly clear skin, and if I ever tried to use products for my skin, that was when I would experience pimples. In the past year or two, however, my skin has changed a lot. I assume it’s one of the joys of being in your mid-to-late twenties, however I’m pretty pissed that nobody ever mentioned the fact that you can get acne as an adult. But I digress…

So, within the past year I’ve been becoming increasingly more interested in developing some sort of skin care routine, but in my hunt I’ve also discovered what an incredible challenge it is to find products that are safe for use! I wish I had a dollar for every skincare product I’ve come across that has either shea butter, almond oil, or avocado in it. WHY? And on the other hand, when I find products without those ingredients in them, they seem to be ridden with chemicals.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to stick to things that are more on the natural side, especially when it comes to stuff I’ll be putting on my skin on the daily. So, here’s what I’m currently using on my face. Bonus: they’re all from the drug store!


I present to you my current favorites! The first item I’d like to discuss is the rosehip seed oil. You can find a vile of it at any natural grocer, I personally go to Sprouts, but I’m not sure how far and wide Sprouts store exist. Remember when I said my skin has changed? Well, I now experience the joys of enlarged pores on my nose and immediately around it on my cheeks. I also tend to get pretty oily in those areas, which goes hand in hand with having enlarged pores. At first the notion of putting oil on the areas of my face that are already oily seemed really counter-intuitive, and I had this recommended to me by my boyfriend of all people. But his sister is an esthetician, so I decided to give it a try, and the difference has been amazing! Overall my pores are much less visible, and my skin feels much more even overall. It’s also a pretty popular ingredient in anti-aging products, so it will also help you to stay young and fresh! Supposedly. I only use a dime size for my entire face, and the vile didn’t even cost me $5.

Next on the list are the two Pacifica Beauty products. I found these guys at Target. They are kind of on the pricey end for a drugstore line–the cactus and kale lotion was $14.00 for 1.7 fl oz–but the entire line is vegan and cruelty-free. Plus there’s no added dyes or coloring or perfumes: a major bonus for anyone with allergies and/or sensitive skin! These two products have really helped me to develop a daily skin routine as well. I apply the cactus and kale renewing lotion in the morning before my makeup, and then I use the sea algae and coconut face cleanser to remove my makeup in the evening. They are both very light, and smell delicious! They’re gentle on the skin and leave my face feeling refreshed, hydrated, and soft.

The last product in this photo is a face mask by Que Bella beauty. This is another line from Target, which I have become quite obsessed with. (I’m also obsessed with Target in general, but who isn’t?) They offer a wide range of natural beauty masks for the “spa at home” effect. I purchased this box of like ten different masks around Christmas time, and have used all of them except this one. Personally, I prefer mud masks to sheet masks, and most peel-off masks, but that’s just me. Also, I really only use masks when I feel like my skin needs a little extra help, or I’m feeling super self-indulgent and want to get boujee with my skin. Que Bella claims that at least 80% of the ingredients in their masks are all natural, so again, right up my alley. So far my favorite mask has been the skin calming one with lavender and aloe vera in it. Lavender is one of my favorite smells! Also, these masks cost $1.99 each!


These two guys I also purchased from, you guessed it, Target! These are the products I don’t use on the daily. I only use the Yes to Carrots product when I’m in the shower, and the blackhead scrub only once per week. The product claims that you can use it up to 2x daily, but personally I think this product is too harsh for that. I, of course, get blackheads on my nose and my chin thanks to my enlarged pores which become clogged easily, so I like to exfoliate my face weekly to help combat that, and to leave my face feeling renewed and fresh!


And finally we arrive at the CeraVe products. One theme you may have noticed in all of the aforementioned products is their moisturizing capabilities. I live in Colorado, and it is DRY, DRY, DRY here, thanks to the high-plains/desert situation. Also, my entire life I have LOATHED the feeling of dry skin. So I’m pretty compulsive about putting on lotion, chapstick (vaseline), and drinking water. That’s where these guys come in. I lather my body in this stuff to combat the awful feeling of dry skin.

So, what are some of your favorite skincare products? I’d love to here your suggestions in the comments! Also, I want to start experimenting with luxury skincare products. If you guys have any luxury skincare that you’re addicted to, please let me know what it is!

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Love you guys! xx


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